- on a Caribbean Tropical Island Paradise -

A safe space to practice healthy freedom of expression and the healing arts of yoga, dance and spiritual naturism.   Clothing optional classes, beaches and naturists walks.

            Paya Bay Resort - Roatan Island

                      Bay Islands, Honduras 

                                        24 – 31 May 2018

Removing our clothes in an intentional way can provoke an altered state of consciousness and a heightened state of awareness.   This is mostly prohibited by our conservative cultures, but many spiritual practitioners have discovered the power in this technique, such as certain Jain and Hindu monks, Wiccans and Pagans, and some radical Christians. Psychotherapists in California in the 1960s also discovered the ability of nakedness to create altered states of consciousness. The kinds of thoughts, feelings and sensations that occur in this state can vary. At least three distinct experiences associated with nudity can occur: a sense of being ‘unmasked’, heightened sensory perception and feelings of child-like innocence.


Combining nudity with other spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, conscious dance and other personal growth, transformational and healing workshops, we will spend a week rediscovering our original nature, enjoying our natural state in a safe environment on a healing journey to freedom and wholeness.  There will be time for nature walks, a boat and snorkel trip, and time on the beach, in the sun and the sea.


The daily program includes 3 yoga classes, catering to beginner and advanced yogis, with options including traditional hatha, restorative, yin, aqua, kundalini and power flow yoga.  One class per day will be exclusively sky-clad (nude); the rest will be clothing optional.  Clothing optional classes include Partner Yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage workshops.  The schedule will also feature sunrise meditation, qigong and pranayama, cathartic breath-work sessions, ecstatic and conscious dance workshops and a processional temple dance during the full moon. Graell Corsini from the Goddess Temple in Ashland will also give a Priestess Portal Activation for women and a Chivalry and the Beast workshop for men.


Paya Bay Resort, winner of four and a half stars and the Travelers Choice Award on Tripadvisor, is a family run and owned private resort hotel on the East End of the island, away from the more developed West End.  It has a picturesque little clothing optional beach close to another private bay that is exclusively nudist.  Tropical Roatan has the climate that allows you to be comfortably nude day and night.  


Roatán Island forms part of the Bay Islands on the Caribbean coast of Honduras.  There are direct flights from the US to the island.  Roatán is a very popular destination for tourists and is especially known for many diving schools.  The island does not share the security problems of the mainland.  Retreatants will be picked up at the airport or ferry port by shuttle.  


Retreat fees are all inclusive

INVESTMENT (all inclusive, depends on the choice of room)  

Single Private Room    $2 100.00        per person

Shared Room with Double or Twin Beds     $1,800.00        pp

Shared Room, 3 beds       $1,700.00        pp

Shared Room, 4 beds       $1600.00      pp

Camping option: Bring your own tent. (includes showers, rest rooms, wifi, all classes)

$700  pp

$1000  pp  Includes 3 meals a day.

Non residential fee:  $600 for full 7 day program.

                                  $100 per day

                                  $125 per day includes lunch.

Restaurant meals are available at $10-25.

Early Bird Discounts:  

$250 off before  January 1, 2018

$150 off before  March 1, 2018

Group Discount for 3 people 10% off

Group Discount for 4 or more people: 15% off


Graell Corsini

Founder and Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, International Workshop Leader, Priestess Attendant of Birth, Sacred Union, Death and Rebirth, Couple’s Spiritual Intimacy Guide, and Processional Temple Dance Instructor. 

Graell has held Community Activation Centers for 22 years, professionally danced in New York and  Los Angeles, and has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 25 years. 

This fierce, yet playful Woman, embodies and bridges the ancient and holy lands of Avalon, Mt. Shasta, and the footsteps of the Magda. Creator of Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Weekend Immersions, Author of 3 books, Worldwide Goddess Temple raising Consultant and Sacred Site’s Tour Guide. Graell's unconditional love illuminates your Soul's gifts, creating safety and space to birth your authenticity. 

"The essence of primal naked freedom opens my senses to levels that are deeply familiar. Unblocked, I am able to tap into resources I have had nested in far away branches. Nude, it is all available at the center of my palm"

Hendrik van der Merwe  (Zendrik)

Zendrik has over 30 years experience as a healer, bodywork therapist and yogi.  He started his formal training in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and hatha yoga at the age of 21. He was trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 16 years, incorporating various aspects of yin and vinyasa, qigong and Zen practice into  his classes.  He studied with two Zen Masters and received transmissions from Namkai Norbu, a Tibetan Lama of the Dzogchen school.   His work is influenced by Advaita Vedanta and the teachings of Nisargadatta as well as A Course in Miracles.

He is the founder of the Ananda Healing Center in San Marcos Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where he teaches yoga and courses in Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Reiki and Esoteric Healing.   He also offers cathartic breath-work and tantric healing seminars at his center.  

Zendrik is an integrative practitioner, combining various disciplines, techniques and modalities to approach healing and personal growth in a holistic way.  His yoga classes are very much focused on the harmony of the inner and outer asana.  His work as a healer is predominantly focused on releasing emotional and mental energy blockages and old cellular memories for deep lasting healing and spiritual growth.

Zendrik is also a  musician, sound healer, DJ and sculptor.  Singing, dancing, making music and art, and being naked in nature is all a part of his yoga, meditation and spiritual practice.

Michele Rauter

Michele's journey began in the world of athletics: Multi-Sport Athlete, Professional Volleyball Player, Coach, Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist and ART Practitioner. This path taught her much about the human body, particularly her own, after suffering many injuries and operations. This drove her to find healing, self-love, acceptance and appreciation for her body in several ways, naturism became one of them. When an opportunity presented itself to appear in ESPN magazine (the first ever Body Issue 2009) playing in the biggest nude volleyball tournament in North America, the Superbowl it's called, she dove right in. 

This new experience brought her good vibes and in search of a tribe, leading her to join her first Resort 'Glen Eden' in Southern California, where she resided at the time. With a slightly deeper understanding of herself and her purpose, she began to explore new and energetic forms of healing: Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Watsu Practitioner, Yin Yoga and Aqua Yoga Instructor. 

She currently resides on the tropical island of Roatán; sharing, inspiring, shining and loving each and every day... especially her monthly visits to Paya Bay!

Classes and Workshops:

Devotional Kundalini Yoga    Graell

Elemental Invocation, Kundalini Yoga, and Selfcare Puja. 

This transmission of the heart is deeply nurturing, while fully supporting your physical stamina and vibrancy, Graell holds a totally loving, kind, and inspirational environment…a ceremony in emotional upliftment, group connection, and elemental adoration.

Yin Yoga     Michele

going with-in during Yin, we use the asanas to go deeper into the body, awakening our mind while stressing and strengthening the tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and fascia. We energize the meridian lines by way of self-acupressure during 3-7 minute holds in passive stretches, majority of which are done seated or laying. This class is great for all levels and especially for any major/minor chronic injuries or pains. The focus is on the spine and hips, and some fun facial and eye yoga will be done as well.

Aqua Yoga  Michele

Water is such a huge part of our lives, and it makes up our bodies majority, so we naturally cleanse, restore and rejuvenate when surrounded by it. Bringing our practice into the water allows us to experience the beauty of hydrotherapy, with an abundance of benefits for every system in the body. Allowing you to truly feel your joints, places of tension and physical restrictions at a deeper level, and letting them go. When we remove the challenge of weight bearing and balance on land, we are bound to discover new things. A playful practice to ignite joy and self awareness, while soaking in some vitamin D.

Power/Flow Yoga   Michele

 Activating more than your muscles, challenging your mind and finding your inner strength to achieve whatever you believe. Riding the breath in and out of movement, and through static and sweaty holds. Focused on core, balance, breath and upper body bliss. Remembering that you are the creator of your journey, the feeler of your body. Learning to listen to your own sensations and vibrations, pushing passed any mental and physical limitations that may exist. 

Zen Qi Yoga       Zendrik

In this daily morning class, we will start with turning inward to connect with the I AM presence - the Buddha within.  Then practice some Pranayama and continue with Qigong to awaken the chi, warm up and lubricate the joints and clear energy blockages. The class will conclude with traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas.  Suited for all levels.

Partner Yoga     Michele and Zendrik

Partner Yoga. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, having a partner gently lean onto you or pull you deeper into a stretch is always a pleasure and an enhancement of what you can do by yourself. Not only can we thus easily deepen our physical practice, but harmonizing our heartbeat and our breathing, we also enter into a telepathic and empathic non-verbal communication with our fellow practitioner.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop    Zendrik

In this class we will learn and enjoy the benefits of some of the basic Thai Yoga Massage techniques. Developed by the friend and physician of Gautama the Buddha out of the traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Hatha Yoga, these techniques are designed to help clear energy blockages in the nadis or energy pathways, and assist in the stretching of the muscles, limbs and joints of the body  

Priestess Portal       Graell

Held from pure intuitive guidance, and the empty presence of wisdom, Graell will guide you in the Priestess Arts of Sister ceremony, authentic relating, seva, and safe yoni puja. 

Chivalry and the Beast       Graell

An opportunity for Men to express, be held, shed, and reclaim their divine right to be Men. Thru attention to discovery and connection with the Codes of the Masculine and how Myth rules the psyche. 

Deep Relaxation and Sound Healing    Graell

This gift of slowing down, activates the receptive nature that most bodies yearn for. Graell’s hypnotic voice, drum, rattle, and gong carry you to the shores of the ocean, and the deep dark forest.  Assisted by Zendrik on didgeridoo and African harp/kamelan n’goni.

Cathartic Breath Work   Zendrik

In the tradition of Holotropic Breathwork, we will use intensified breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork and guided meditation and visualization to access non-ordinary states of consciousness and cathartic release.  You may experience heightened awareness and the amplification of your own psychic processes, and an wakening of the natural self-healing abilities and  inherent wisdom of your body-mind-soul to bring clarity, harmony and balance to your life.  

Shiva Shakti Dance    Graell

Honoring the divinity within the raw power that ignites creation, sustaining, and destroying, relationship with self and partner. This potent dance begins at the sacrum, rises to the heart, and grounds back into the earth to connect the participant direct to the spark of life. 

Processional Dance    Graell

Simple, yet powerfully regal, alongside playful, and steeped in memory of former lives, Graell offers beautiful choreography to the group, that enhances connection, and creates an incredibly safe container to drop into a personal inner formal dancer, that is often dismissed in our alternative culture.

Conscious and Ecstatic Dance     Zendrik

Conscious Dance has been popularized globally by Gabriella Roth’s  5  Rhythms, the School of Movement Medicine, Shakti Malan’s Bliss Dance, and others.  As a free form expression of personal and interpersonal creativity and healing through dance and movement it is an integral part of the emerging modern culture that integrates the ancient shamanic practice of healing and trance through music and dance.  

Provisional Schedule:

Breakfast between 7 and 10 am, Lunch at 1 pm, Dinner at 7.30 pm.    

All classes and workshops are clothing optional unless marked “sky-clad”.

There will be free time after breakfast and lunch every day.

Thursday 24 May

Arrival during the day, settling in, exploring the resort and the beach.

3 pm                           Flow Yoga

4.30 pm                     Welcoming, introductions and opening ceremony

6 pm                           Devotional Kundalini Yoga

7.30 pm                     Dinner and Social Gathering, meet and greet.

Friday 25 May

7.30 am                      Zen Qi Yoga

11.00 am:                  Devotional Kundalini Yoga (sky-clad)

2.00 pm                      Boat trip to the reef/snorkeling  

5.30 pm                      Yin Yoga

8  pm                           Shakti Shiva Sacred Dance

Saturday 26 May

7.30                             Zen Qi Yoga           (sky-clad)

11.30                           Cathartic breath work session

4.30 pm                      Devotional Kundalini Yoga

6 pm                            Power Flow Yoga

8pm                             Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation for Past life regression,    

                                      meeting your future self and the ascended beings

Sunday 27 May

7.30                            Zen Qi Yoga  

11.30                         Devotional Kundalini Yoga

4 pm                          Thai Yoga Massage Workshop  

5.30                           Yin Yoga                (sky-clad)

8pm                           Deep relaxation and sound healing

Monday 28 May

7.30 am                Zen Qi Yoga         (sky-clad

11 am                    Priestess Portal Activation for women

11 am                    Men’s Sacred Circle

4.30 pm                Chivalry and The Beast  Workshop for Men

4.30 pm                Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Women

6 pm                      Partner Yoga

8 pm                      Guided Relaxation and Meditation: Inner child   -   releasing

                                blocked emotions   -   clearing karmic relationships  


Tuesday 29 May     (Full Moon)

7.30                        Zen Qi Yoga

11  am                   Ecstatic Chocolate Dance  

4  pm                     Devotional Kundalini Yoga        (sky-clad)  

5.30                        Yoga Inversions

7 pm                       Processional Temple Dance  &   Full moon feast and party  

Wednesday 30 May

7.30                         Zen Qi Yoga  

11.30                      Devotional Kundalini Yoga

4.30  pm                Aqua Yoga (sky-clad)

6 pm                       Ecstatic Temple Dance

8 pm                       Spiritual Intimacy Workshop

Thursday  31 May

7.30                         Zen Qi Yoga

10.30                      Devotional Kundalini Yoga

2 pm                       Closing Circle